Monday, November 23, 2009

Incensed and Inflamed!

My wrist and hand and whole arm hurt. I can't play. It actually hurts to type this so I will keep it short. My recital was supposed to be this Friday. I was feeling good about it and looking forward to performing. CANCELED!!!!!
What a disappointment. I want to finish the semester asap. If it turns out that Per would rather me rest my hand than play with the Philharmonic on Dec. 9th I am definitely going to look into changing my flight to an earlier date. No use in literally sitting in the dark here by myself if I am not going to be playing.
We'll see what happens.
Not sure what is causing this pain. Seems to be tendinitis. I am wearing a brace and taking ibuprofen to help with the inflammation but I might just have to do this one Christian Scientist style and hope for the best.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 1/2 weeks...

I miss fall in MN! I was so excited to get away from Minneapolis after living there for six years...but now I miss it more than ever. What a cliche. I miss the colors and pumpkins and the seeing the first snow fall.

Norway has not been perfect but I have learned a lot about being a better bassoon player. That was the point right?

Does anyone have any requests from the land of the vikings? Chocolate? Maybe a oversized sweatshirt with NORWAY written across the front? I could make it happen...