Friday, October 28, 2011

Høst 2011

It´s nearly November of 2011 and I can hardly believe it. Where did the year go? What did I accomplish, who did I see and what did I do? There were many family visits! How lucky am I?! My Mom, Matt, Alycia, Diana, and even Grandma came out to see me! Amazing! I played with a professional military band, professional orchestras, continued my struggle to learn Norwegian, went to Rome with one of my best friends in the world, failed miserably at a job interview på Norsk, joined an improv band, gained a beautiful niece and lost a sweet aunt, had many walks and talks with Corinne (thank the lord for her) and turned 26.

I have decided that I am quitting my pursuit of playing the bassoon professionally and I have new goals underway. I have told some people but I have decided it´s best to keep them off my public blog. According to a TED talk I saw, you are more likely to succeed at your goals if you keep them to yourself. The act of sharing your goals tricks your brain into thinking that you have essentially accomplished them and therefore you are more likely not to put in the hard work. Or so they say...

When I finish in the summer of 2012 I will have been in Norway for three years and three , I think , will be enough. See you all at Christmas. I think I am coming home after all.